NOW AVAILABLE! New Colours of Westport, Canada Tees

Over the last 8 years, Jake by the Lake and our team of optimists have done some pretty incredible, remarkable and amazing things; a few that come to mind are...we opened the 1st Genuine Life is Good Shoppe in Canada, we've carved over 10,000 pumpkins for charity, we presented the first live concert at the Westport Arena featuring The McCartney Years, we've given out tree saplings with tee shirts for Earth Day.

For years, behind the scenes we've been working hard to be able to launch an iconic Westport specific tee for our customers, we are pleased to announce that we've succeeded! Our favourite image of Jake and Rocket in their blue canoe will now become a Westport destination tee and we are super excited! This classic image of Jake and Rocket in their canoe is the perfect metaphor for the life is good life philosophy, it demonstrates balance, patience to trust, and everything you need to paddle a canoe… including a friend whose impulsive instincts may change in an instant. But you know that “the journey is the destination” and you look past the adversity and enjoy the moment. We hope you enjoy this tee as much as we do! 

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