Holiday Wishes

Cynthia and I have worked in the service industry for most of our lives, which has lead us down a road of independence, the road less traveled, if you will. Serving the general public is our livelihood but more importantly, its also our responsibility. Foremost, we want our customers to be satisfied and return, ensuring that our businesses are successful, that our employees are successful and that we are also successful. The question arises, how does one measure success? 


We know that people visit our businesses for many reasons and more often than not, it's not just to merely buy something, but rather to experience something. So our responsibility travels far beyond sales, and far beyond the daily surface conversations. 


In our years of business we've met some incredible people who have taught us many valuable lessons along the way. Cynthia and I have always tried to make time for the good folks who visit or shops. Sometimes finding the time is difficult when our time is taxed with daily tasks, responsibilities and planning but nonetheless it's why we chose to be in the service industry. So when we find a chance or a brief moment to engage with our customers and share in their stories, we do.


Our Christmas wish this year is... We hope that all of you enjoy good health, prosperity and find happiness in everything you do during this Christmas and that you take some time to share in some real conversations, some real companionship with acquaintances  both new and old. We also want you to know that your friendship and loyalty is how we measure our success!


Merry Christmas. 
John and Cynthia Pringle
Proud owners of Jake by the Lake-Canada's First Life is good Shop, Opened 2008
Proud owners of The Cottage Coffee House, Opened 2004

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