Holiday Greetings for 2020

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As we look back on 2020, one has to think how we made it through the year with our optimism intact. Keeping Life is Good's Superpowers in mind helps. Love, Creativity, Compassion, Authenticity, Simplicity, Humour, Openess, Courage, Fun and Gratitude.

We have so many things to be grateful for and I bet you can think of some as you are reading this.  My grateful moments of 2020 have been the support from our "Life is Good" family and friends, our continued efforts to keep each other safe and healthy, reaching out by phone and Zoom to make sure everyone is getting asked "are you doing ok?', dressing up in costumes for our virtual meetings and get togethers and most importantly, spending more time together as a family doing crafts, playing games, cooking special dinners and taking regular hiking treks.

One of our current tees has the message "There are two ways to live life- as if there are no miracles, or as if everything is a miracle." I have chosen to look at every day as a miracle this year even in the most trying times. This holiday season, I encourage you to find the small miracles. 

All of us at Jake by the Lake wish you a holiday filled with Superpowers and Miracles and a wonderful and healthy 2021. 

Life is a Miracle. Life is Good! 

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