Finding the spirit of the holidays

Finding the spirit of the holidays.
We are only moments away from Christmas and there are still some important things left to do on the list. First off is figuring out how to stay safe and healthy with the current conditions with the new variant. Secondly, making sure you have all the ingredients for the Christmas Day feast and that the gifts are wrapped. Finally, and most importantly, we need to find the Spirit of Christmas; and that is no small task in these bleak and dark days.

Certainly, a worldwide pandemic, devastating floods, horrific accidents and brutal storms that tear families and communities apart, isn’t the sign that people are looking for. Having said that, I can’t help noticing during all the media coverage that I watch, especially in British Columbia during the recent floods, most of the people are working together, putting on their best faces and sharing smiles with strangers. Even a face-mask can’t cover up a true smile!

This year, I’m somewhat humbled as I see the human spirit continue to get battered but not broken. Regardless of what is continually thrown at mankind, we somehow persevere.

Our Christmas hope this year is that everyone continues to smile! It might just be that spark of light needed to comfort someone. Let's face it, smiles are contagious and better yet, they are free. May your brave smile be part of this year’s festivities to help light up everyone’s Christmas.

Life is Merry Good!

Cynthia and the Jake by the Lake team
Original Painting by Barbara Rielly 2021

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